Test and see that the Lord is good


“I will praise you to all my brothers; I will stand up before the congregation and testify of the wonderful things you have done.”

“On a certain Thursday, I went to pick my kids from school, as I was alighting from my car just outside the compound of the school, I saw a mobile police man with a gun in hand trying to stop vehicles on the road.
I then noticed the mobile police man going towards the school security man, who was standing by the road helping to organise cars packing, obviously annoyed with the school security man, the mobile police man pushed the school security man, who retaliated with a slap. The mobile police pushed the security man again and told him to kneel down, the security man retaliated by slapping the mobile police man two more times
By now the mobile police man was furious and acted as though he was going to shoot the security man. Thinking how bad things could get and considering there are kids just across the fence, I tried to appease the two men. Suddenly the security man came towards me, and carried me using me as a shield while the mobile police man pointed the gun, now directly at me, I kept saying please don’t shoot ,thereafter the security man put me down and ran away.
Happy that the security man let me go and the police man had not shot, I looked up and saw the police man still pointing the gun at me, accusing me of slapping him, he then told me to kneel down. Too surprised at the turn of events, I knelt, right there by the road, by now more mobile police men had gathered and one of them asked if I slapped him, and then I explained what had transpired; I was not the person that slapped him, I had come around to pick my kids from school when I saw him in a disagreement with the school security man. I was only trying to settle the quarrel between him and the security man that slapped him so that the situation does not degenerate. One of them then told me to get up and go.
It was a mighty deliverance for which I am grateful to God. No shots were fired in the confusion and nobody died, thank God His protection.