The seed, the soil and the sheaves


So mightily grew the word of God and prevailed!

The seed, the soil and the sheaves

Our Lord Jesus Christ when he was here on earth told us how the kingdom of God operates. Many times he used parables to depict the working of the kingdom. One of the parables that Jesus used was the parable of the sower. Jesus told us that the parable of the sower is a fundamental parable. Mk 4:13

One paramount lesson of the parable of the sower is that the seed is the word of God. (Luke 8:11) The bible compares the word of God not to a speck of dust that has no life in it, but to a seed, something that has life in it. A seed has productive capacity. It has the ability to germinate and grow when it is in the right place. Such is the word of God and the promises of God. They have the ability to grow in our hearts and to produce results in our lives, in our circumstances and in the physical world around us. In deed the word of God, the seed is the most precious commodity and is the origin of all things. (John 1:1-4)

The other truth to realize in this parable is that the word of God works in the heart of man. Just as the natural seed will not just grow anywhere. For instance if you put a seed of mango on a glass table it will never grow even if it stays there for 5 years. But if you dig the soil and put the seed in good ground it will grow naturally. In the same way the word of God will not work in our lives just because we put the bible under our pillows when we go to bed at night. But when we put the word in our hearts and keep it there the word grows in our heart and bears fruit in our lives. The seed becomes a big tree in our lives shooting forth great branches, bringing forth fruit. We enjoy the blessing ourselves and we become a blessing to others. (Mk 4:30-32)

“The bible compares the word of God not to a speck of dust that has no life in it, but to a seed, something that has life in it. ”

How does the word get into the heart of man? The primary way the word gets into our hearts is by us hearing the word. (Mk 4:15-20) The word could be coming from the preacher or it could be words that we speak concerning our own selves. (Matt 15:11) The seed of God’s word goes into our hearts when we hear the word. In Matt 15:21, Jesus says what goes into your mouth does not defile you, on the other hand concerning our ears Our Lord Jesus tells us take heed what you hear.(Mk 4:24) For us to ensure that the word of God gets into our hears we must regularly read the word of God, be in environments where the word of God, the gospel, is preached. We should listen to the word of God on CD, DVD etc. We should also be careful to speak in line with the word of God. So that in the face of apparent lack we say things like My God shall supply all my needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:19)

When we talk like this the word goes into our hearts and begins to grow, and to bear fruits in our lives. If we keep the word in our heart then our testimony victory and success is just a matter of time. The devil may bring up obstacles like we see in the parable of the sower to take the word from our hearts or keep it from being effective. But if we persistently hear the word, speak the word and keep it in our hearts very soon we shall be standing in the place where we want to be.


Promises for you to speak forth consistently and sow in your hearts include the following

If you are believing God for a child say ‘None shall be barren nor cast their young in the land.’ (Ex 23:26)

If you are believing God for a job or prosperity confess this regularly. I work with my hands that which is good and I have to give to him that is needy. Ephe 4:28, 1 Thess 4:11-12, Psalm 23:1

For healing confess consistently By the stripes of Jesus I am healed 1 Peter 2:24

If you are student as you are studying also confess regularly ‘Whatsoever I do prospers, I am the head not the tail: Deut 28:13

If you are believing God for a husband or wife. Confess regularly to yourself I have my mate in Jesus name (Isaiah 34:16)

Consistently put the word of God, the seed in your heart by hearing the word and speaking the word to yourself. Then watch the word produce the desired fruit in your life.

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